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what should i do?

what should i do?
the laundry ain’t done and it’s a quarter to two
i’m losing my mind
with this job and the babies i can’t find the time
and when will i ever get through?
mama what should i do?

your hands are like mine
you ain’t afraid to scrub on those pots and those pans
‘till they shine
but it’s taking its toll
my face it’s still young
but my hands they look old
and i know you’ve handled this too
mama, what should i do?

you know i always call you when i’m feeling low
and you know i always call you when i don’t know which way to go
and i know you don’t have the answers to make it all clear
oh but mama how i wish you were here

and as each days goes by
my problems pile up like this laundry of mine
and as i pull out a load
another just comes up ahead on this road
so would you step into my shoes
mama, what should i do?