1. Get on Out
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get on out

when you’re standing on your rooftop screaming to the sky
doors are flying menfolk are crying please God tell us why
you gotta get on out
the trees are bending and those never-ending levees overflow
you made it through but what do you do now? nobody knows
you gotta get on out

i’ll tell you again
there ain’t no doubt
you’ve gotta get your baby
and get on out

now here’s her man and there he stands fist full of lies
she sees him walk in at one o’clock through the smoke in her eyes
she’s gotta get on out
she’s walking past this broken glass every night and every dawn
well there’s another storm a-blowin’ in, it’s a-blowin’ in and it won’t be long
she’s gotta get on out

and there’s a time to fly
and it’s time you flew
and there’s this picture of your tears in my eyes
so you know just what you’ve got to do

now i’m tired of this working i’m tried all day long
i’m tired of this struggle
‘cause you know we ain’t done nothing wrong
we gotta get on out
and the troubles keep a-coming every time we turn around
so baby let’s pack this bag and go
let’s go somewhere we can’t be found
we gotta get on out