1. On Your Wall
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on your wall

one day i'll fade away
and what will i leave behind?
but a worn-out 6-string guitar
and a memory of being kind
please remember me as kind

and would you make this promise?
it may not seem like much at all
but when i leave this earthly home
will you hang my picture on your wall?

i may still be blessed with my own child
a precious soul may pass through me
but time has yet to turn that way
so it may not come to be
it may never come to be

my own walls are filled with faces
friends and family near and far
i fill the empty spaces
like God hanging his favorite star
these spirits some have left this earth
we all will pass this i know
but my granny's eyes still call to me
her life shines on my wall below

oh so how will any of my love for you remain?
a captured memory framed in wood?
i pray your eyes will light on me
and remember my heart was good
please remember my heart was good

just a little promise
in your living room or down the hall
but when i leave for jordan's shores
will you hang my picture on your wall?